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Pakistan Air Force Museum
Pakistan Air Force Museum
National Museum of Pakistan

The Armed Forces play an important role in the lives of Pakistanis who hold a special place in the hearts and minds of all people. Among the three services, the PAF has the imagination of all young and old due to the impressive record in the two major wars fought with India as well as the glamorous jet fighters that can mesmerize anyone on any day.

Due to the immense admiration and interest of the Pakistani people, the Pakistan Air Force has started to develop its museum in Shahr Faisal, Karachi. This museum started as a small project that has blossomed into an amazing spectacle enjoyed by people of all walks of life and age groups.

The PAF Museum not only preserves the history of PAF but also helps create greater harmony between PAF and the general public. It also carries and conveys an inherent message that we can make and preserve our environment clean and green through collective efforts.

The National Museum of Pakistan was established on April 17, 1950 in Freer Hall. The Victoria Museum in Karachi has been replaced by the National Museum of Pakistan. In 1865 Frere Hall was built as a tribute to the Commissioner of Sindh, Sir Bartle Frere during the 19th century. An advisory board was later formed in 1950 when the museum was opened.

The Government of Pakistan has commissioned the Advisory Board to enrich the Museum by purchasing new artifacts, artwork and collections. The objective of establishing the National Museum was to collect, preserve, display and study the records of the cultural history of Pakistan. The Pakistan National Museum is, without question, one of the most interesting places in Karachi for history buffs and art lovers. Since the place contains artifacts of the cultural heritage of our country, it is mostly visited for educational purposes by schools and families with young children.

The museum’s multi-store building is divided into genre-specific galleries that host some of the most artifacts. With its amazing antiques and antique art pieces, it is also considered as one of the largest museums in Pakistan. We recommend this museum to everyone who enjoys the company of history and art while you are already visiting the National Museum, you may want to visit Pakistan Maritime Museum and PAF Museum in Karachi.

Pakistan Maritime Museum
Clifton Art Gallery

Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi, The Maritime Museum is a museum that focuses on displaying objects related to ships and travel on large bodies of water well. A subcategory of naval museums is naval museums, which focus on the Navy and the military’s use of the sea. The beautiful Maritime Museum and Park is located near PNS Karsaz on Habib Ibrahim Rahmatula Road, Karsaz Road, in Karachi, Pakistan and is called Pakistan Maritime Museum.

The main museum building within the park is built on 28 acres, contains six galleries and a lecture hall well, the museum is based on advanced concepts of exhibition and interactive learning as well. The Pakistan Maritime Museum demonstrates the Pakistan Navy’s commitment to nation building by documenting and preserving the rich maritime history, cultural heritage of knowledge and a long-standing legacy for future generations. The maritime region is the backbone of coastal nations, with about 95% of global trade taking place overseas. The Pakistan Navy not only defends and secures the coasts and territorial borders of the sea, but is also dedicated to educating the people of Pakistan about the importance of maritime affairs and its role in the country’s economic growth.

Clifton Art Gallery is one of the most beautiful art galleries in Karachi, Pakistan which was opened in 1991 with the aim of promoting Pakistani paintings and artists. We are actively involved in selling original Pakistani paintings and facilitate art lovers around the world to purchase abstract, calligraphy, landscape, miniature and figurative paintings for sale. We also have a large variety of Master Collection paintings for sale by Renowed Artists which is the specialty of the Clifton Art Gallery.

Clifton Art Gallery paintings are 100% original and available for worldwide shipping. Each painting is hand signed by the artist himself. If you are planning to buy Pakistani paintings, you can buy from Clifton Art Gallery, they have more than a thousand paintings to choose from. The Clifton Art Gallery is nearly two decades old and was formerly located near Teen Talwar. He said that many of the collections you see here belong to me personally, and the remaining 40% are from clients who want to sell their artwork to new buyers.

Sindh Museum
Karachi Marriott Hotel

The Sindh Museum is located in Hyderabad which is the second largest city in Sindh. The aim of establishing the museum was to collect and preserve Sindhi culture and traditions. The main focus of the museum is on the history and heritage of the Indus Valley Civilization. The museum actually depicts the lifestyle of the people who live in Sindh especially in rural areas.

The Sindh Museum promotes the Sindhi culture and gives the tourist awareness of the ancient civilization. The museum actually depicts the lifestyle of the people who live in Sindh especially in rural areas. Speaking in this regard, some officials of the Sindhi Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities were quick to claim that the government has also appointed exhibition curators and assistant curators, in the respective districts, who are either in Karachi or getting paid without performing duties.

Karachi Mariott has excellent access to and from all directions and offers a range of services, including an executive level with a private lounge, a 24-hour business center, a health club, 24-hour room service, an outdoor pool and spa, and of course, the always-essential free Wi-Fi. The Karachi Marriott is located in the heart of Karachi, the capital of Pakistan’s Sindh province, the country’s most populous city and the most populous city in the world. The Karachi Marriott is sure to be right in the middle of it all.

The Karachi Marriott organized an exclusive exhibition of the original paintings of the Marriott, and organized an exclusive exhibition of the original engravings of the late Iqbal Mahdi. The exhibition was organized in the New Governor’s Hall. There are many luxurious rooms available at the Karachi Marriott Hotel.

Beach Luxury Hotel
Pearl Continental Hotel
Beach Luxury Hotel
Pearl Continental Hotel

Yesterday I went to Beach Luxury Hotel for breakfast. Beach Luxury holds a special place in my heart because it is located on the waterfront. I can sit for hours upon hours looking at the water at peace with my inner self and my thoughts. But yesterday I didn’t get a chance to sit and enjoy the water. My son loves water as much as I do. It may be more than me. He was very excited and kept running, pointing to the boat, trees, and lights that were visible from the deck.

Kids find The luxurious beach serves an Iftar buffet throughout Ramadan and we usually go there every year. This year was no different. There was a lovely buffet with selected items for breakfast and plenty of dinner items.
Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi is a 3-star hotel with a unique location, an eco-friendly hotel surrounded by palm trees on the waterfront of the Arabian Sea Creek just 10-15 minutes from the main business and commercial areas of Karachi and shopping malls in Karachi. The Beach Luxury Hotel Group is owned and operated by a five star hotel group in Karachi and Lahore to get on your nerves and that’s why my son did and did it yesterday. I would constantly ask him to stay away from the fence, not to learn much about it, not to jump and run and scream. He settled down a bit when it was time for breakfast.

The Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi, which is part of the largest five-star hotel chain in Pakistan, has announced the relaunch of its Chinese restaurant, Tai, Pan. The event was opened by the Chinese Consul General, Li Bijian. Among the attendees were diplomats, the city’s elite, MDI staff as well as the organization’s top management.

Serving traditional Chinese cuisine with an essence of the Canton and Shanghai provinces, Tai-Pan specialities are prepared using the four Chinese cooking methods: steaming, braising, baking and frying. Offering a classic ambience, Tai-Pan serves a myriad of meals to tanntalise the tasetbud.
Pearl Continental Karachi, one of the hallmarks of Hashoo Hotels, offers exceptional hospitality in a city that is an important economic hub of Pakistan, and is the first 5-star hotel in Pakistan.

Clifton Beach Karachi
Frere Hall
Clifton Beach Karachi
Frere Hall

Clifton Beach Karachi is undoubtedly the most visited place in Karachi by residents and tourists for leisure and picnic. Popularly known as this seaside beach, this beach on the Arabian Sea is open to the public 24/7, 365 days a year. I have been to Sea View many times, either for dining, shopping or for activities too. These are all covered in this post.Clifton is a combination of two words – cliff and ton. According to Dictionary Cliff, it means a steep, rocky face, usually on the edge of the sea. Ton is used as a suffix with many city names in the world such as Washington, Hamilton, Wellington, Preston, and Kingston, and means farm, estate, or fashionable community. Hence, Clifton means the city on the cliff.

Many people in Karachi, like me before, do not focus on why the area is given a certain name. By traveling to different places and seeing how history is preserved, I am now more focused in my travel to learn about history and learn how a particular place got its name. This is learning while traveling and I encourage readers of this blog to do that as well. Travel can teach you what books can’t.Since Karachi is the only city in Pakistan with a coastline, sea lovers have the option to go to Sea View and other beaches located on the outskirts of the city.By other beaches I mean Hawksbay, Sandspit, Paradise Point, French Beach, Cape Mount and Russian Beach, they are located in Subrubs and industrial areas. This makes access to these places difficult and time consuming. Usually people visit these after booking the beach hut and moving to the beach. I haven’t visited Hawksbay/Sandspit since 2013.

Since Clifton Beach is located in a residential area, it is very easy for everyone to go there either by bike, car or even by public transportation. Even people who visit Karachi for a short time get time to visit this region.Clifton Beach is located across Abdul Sattar Edhi Street (formerly Sea View Road) and passes through the affluent coastal residential areas of Clifton and Phase 5/Phase 8 of the Defense Housing Authority also known as DHA in Karachi.The road was named after Pakistan’s most famous philanthropist – Abdul Sattar Edhi after his death in 2016. Edhi was and still is a household name.

Karachi is the largest city that offers plenty of scenic views to its visitors. You can have a touch of entertainment, fun, dignity, mysticism, history, culture, architecture and everything in Karachi. After all, “Karachi is the best”.Talking about the best things in Karachi and leaving “Frere Hall” is not fair. It is one of the best and most visited tourist spots with unique attractions. Let’s find out who they are in today’s post.Frere Hall is an important architecture of the British era. It was built to honor Sir Henry Freer. Sir Henry contributed a lot to economic growth and strove to make Sindhi an official language in Sindh.

Frere Hall remained the largest library in Sindh for many years which was then closed due to some issues. The hall reopened in 2011 to the public.Frere Hall is perfectly located between Abdullah Road and Fatima Jinnah Road. The hall is located on the civil lines next to the Marriott Hotel.The architecture of Freer Hall is not ordinary. In fact, this is the most amazing thing in the hall. Twelve architects proposed the architecture and design of the hall, while only one (Lt. Col. Claire Wilson) was selected. It took 180,000 to build the hall. The money was collected by the municipality.

Frere Hall style is very Gothic and Venetian. It was built using yellow limestone and red/gray sandstone. The architecture has a touch of British and local ingredients.

Port Grand Karachi
charna island
Port Grand Karachi
Charna Island

There is a reason Karachi is known as the “City of Lights”. The city hosts tons of family attractions, hangouts, and restaurants that stay open late into the night. These Karachi nightclubs cater to foodies and reptiles at midnight in the city after dark. Port Grand, Karachi, a very beautiful place constructed along the ship port on the waterfront, is the latest addition in the list of the best night spots in the city.The place comes alive after sunset and is filled with food outlets, family attractions and various types of entertainment features. So, if you’re planning to visit the place anytime soon, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Port Grand and what makes it one of the most popular family attractions in Karachi.

According to their official Facebook page, it is also known as Port Grand, Pakistan. As of now, it is a unique family attraction across the country and located along the waterfront, offering amazing views to visitors.The place is relatively new compared to many other nightclubs in Karachi, which may be decades old. This Karachi family attraction opened on May 28, 2011, with a grand opening event. It is jointly owned and operated by the Karachi Port Trust and a private company known as Grand Leisure Corporation. It is this collaboration that gives Port Grand, Pakistan its unique name.

Technically speaking, it is a one kilometer long bridge built over the waters of China Creek. The bridge has been converted into an entertainment complex that includes dozens of shopping, entertainment and dining outlets. This night spot in Karachi offers a family friendly environment and offers attractions for both adults and children. Now, let’s find out more about Port Grand, Pakistan opening hours.Note: On Sundays, a few restaurants in the complex offer breakfast services, which is why they open at 8.30am. Port Grand availability and opening hours may vary in case of public holidays and special events held at the venue.

Charna is about 1.2 km long and 0.5 km wide. Charna is also known locally as “Cherno”. It is 6 km away from Mubarak Village. Mubarak Goth fishermen go fishing near Charna Island. There are many types of fish, crabs and lobsters. Fishermen take boats to go to the island from Mubarak Goth. Mubarak Goth is the second largest area for fishermen in Karachi, which lacks facilities including education, health, jetty, property rights, communications, etc.”The Churna is mostly used as a shooting range by the Pakistan Navy “and for scuba diving, free diving, underwater photography, camping, trekking, hiking, speed boating, water sports, knee skiing, wake up tubing, banana tubing, water skiing, alpine diving, and snorkeling.”

The marine life around the charna includes venomous sea snakes, barracuda, Spanish narrow mackerel, cobia, dorado, tuna, angel fish, sea urchin, sea fan, oysters, rays and rare green turtles. The Pakistan Fishing Association (PGFA) is holding national fishing competitions near Charna. The presence of coral reefs around this island is what attracts the large number of game fish around. However, the illegal net sizes used by fishing vessels are destroying this natural treasure.

The area around Charna is popular for scuba diving due to the widely diverse marine life and different types of coral. Some claim that “more than 60 species of corals have been found near the charna waters and that many new corals began to thrive after the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Empress Market
French Beach
Empress Market
French Beach

Karachi – one of the fastest growing urban cities in Pakistan. Rich in culture and history, it is one of the cities you would love to stay in! The hustle and bustle of the city is what distinguishes it from the rest of the cities in the country. It is unbelievable but the population is more than 20 million. Concessions are people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. In the midst of this chaos you will find yourself living the life of your dreams. Places like Frere Hall, Mohatta Palace, Mazar-e-Quaid, Denso Hall and Empress Market are ready to make you live an old fashioned life.

Talking about one place from Karachi would be unfair. However, the Empress Market in Sidar Karachi has an absolutely special place! The Old Market in Karachi has some of the most important historical attractions in the area. The market houses Empress Market pet shop, Karachi historical places, Rainbow Center and much more. There is a lot about Empress Market that we will discuss. If you are looking for information abroad – this blog is all you need!

Empress Market is a massive place, which holds significance not only for the locals but for the tourists as well. There are a lot of stories going on about the history of Empress Market. However, one of them is more stable than the rest. It was narrated that the place where the market was held. It was initially used to bring down perpetrators in 1857, and that was very brutal. Legend has it that these people were buried there, where the Empress Market stands today. While the story is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. You may also like to read about the historical places in Karachi. What if we shift our focus toward some facts about the history of Empress Market?

Looking for a picnic destination near Karachi? French Beach is one of the beaches near Karachi, and there is a fascinating history behind how the beach got its name. Find out more about French Beach, Karachi, how to book a cottage in French Beach, and how to get to French Beach from Karachi.Known to the locals as Haji Ali Goth, the French beach is actually a small fishing village in the coastal region of Karachi. According to local tales, a French couple visited the beach due to its scenic beauty long ago, which gave this part of the coast its unique name.Due to the love of tourists for nature and a beautiful rocky beach, local fishermen began to build huts for rent for hikers. Over the years, the area has gained a lot of popularity, and those little built huts have given way to beach villas now owned by Karachi’s elite.

Unlike other beaches on the Karachi coast, the French beach is not a soft sand beach. It is a coastline strewn with jagged rocks that give way to a pebbly beach. Visitors recommend wearing slippers at all times to avoid wounding by sharp edges, but the view and beauty are well worth a trip.The location of the French beach places it between Paradise Point – another beach that was very popular in the 80s and 90s – and Hawke’s Bay – a beach that almost every Karachiite went to. While all of these beaches lie along the same stretch of Mooreborough Road, a short distance from each other, French Beach is located away from the main road, on a dedicated path called French Beach Road that can take you to the shoreline and beach. Water.

The French beach, Karachi, is a fairly safe beach surrounded by a border wall, making it a favorite picnic destination for Karachi’s elite. For this reason, although it is a public beach, access is limited to those who own or rent a cottage in the area. Unfortunately, if you want to book a cottage in French Beach, there is no easy answer to this query.

Karachi Zoo
Do Darya
Karachi Zoo
Do Darya

Of all the places to visit in Karachi with the family, Karachi Zoo remains one of the most popular hangouts – and for good reason. Also known as Karachi Zoos, this popular attraction in the City of Lights covers an area of ​​33 acres and is one of the largest zoos in Pakistan. It is also the second oldest zoo in the country, established just six years after the famous Lahore Zoo.

Although a number of zoos and mini zoos have sprung up all over the city over the years, Karachi Zoo remains the most famous of them all.

So, whether you have kids who are fond of wildlife or if you simply want to educate them about different types of animals, you should consider taking a trip to Karachi Zoo to spend some quality time. Here’s everything you need to know about Karachi Zoos, including their timings, ticket prices, location, key features and much more.

However, before we get into all that, let’s take a quick look at the history of this tourist attraction. Karachi Zoo opened its doors to the public in 1878 and was renamed “Mahatma Gandhi Garden” in 1913. Interestingly, according to historians, the site where the zoo is currently located is used to house an East India Company factory in 1833.

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the Karachi Gandhi Zoo was officially renamed Karachi Zoos, which is more commonly referred to as Karachi Zoo.

In 1952, an aquarium named “Mishli Ghar” was established inside the zoo. A year later, the Karachi Metropolitan Company (KMC) offered zookeeper and veterinarian jobs to ensure the animals remained healthy and disease-free. In 1991, the city government took over the redesign of the Natural History Museum located within the Karachi Zoo, which was opened by the Japanese Princess in 1992. The reptile house inside this Karachi Zoo was also extended and renovated in the same year.

Do Darya has become a popular picnic spot in Karachi. The place is famous for its scenic sunset and sunrise over the sea. People from different parts of the city are drawn to this wonderful point. This place is all about nature, peace and quiet.

It is located in Phase 8 of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in Karachi. The topographical location of Do Darya Karachi makes it the highlight of the area. Today, people know the eighth stage because of this place. However, the eighth stage was already among the most prestigious in Karachi.

Every name has a story. Likewise, there is a history behind Do Darya as well. It is a Persian phrase meaning “two seas”. After reaching the point, you will see it surrounded by the sea on both sides. It has distinctive natural features that never fail to impress the viewer.

Moreover, there are plenty of beachfront dining options. It entered the list of the most famous food streets in Karachi. People enjoy different cuisines in a calm environment, watching the sunset in the sea.

When people in Karachi are looking for a quiet and fun day outside, Seaview explodes in their heads. But if you go further, we have Do Darya. It is the best place to forget all your worries and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. But what is all the hype? Why Daria Karachi has become the focus of everyone’s attention? It’s because of the five star restaurants with the seven star view.

Have you ever thought about what makes Do Darya one of the highlights of the DHA Phase 8 region? Well, the answer to that question lies in its unique topographical location. The place is surrounded by the sea on two sides, and it has distinctive natural features, which is why it is known as “Do Darya”, a phrase in Persian that means “Bahrain”. With so many dining options and restaurants on the beachfront, it has become one of the most popular food streets in Karachi, which usually comes alive at night. The restaurants here stay open late at night, which is why it is also among the best night spots in Karachi.

Hawke's Bay Beach
Safari Park
Hawke's Bay Beach
Safari Park

Hawke’s Bay Beach, Karachi or as it’s called Hawke’s Bay Beach, is one of the most popular beach resort among all age groups, located in Moripur Road, Sindh, Pakistan. As the records say, Sea view Beach, Sandspit Beach, French Beach, Gadani, Turtle Beaches, Paradise Point and now Hawkes Bay Beach are on the hit list among tourists, families, visitors and more.

However, Hawke’s Bay Beach Karachi is a quiet and relaxing beach resort, because visitors, families and tourist can book a cottage for rent near Hawke’s Bay beach in Karachi, they can spend all their day which turns into sometime sunny, sometimes nice, and as They can enjoy lavish sunsets in a very good mood with their family and friends.

Likewise, visitors can enjoy sports and other activities like camel and horse riding, cycling, self cooking, swimming and more other rest activities on the sandy beach called Hawkes Bay Beach in Karachi.

Karachi is home to many bountiful beaches and one of them is Hook Bay. Located 20 kilometers southwest of Hawke’s Bay beach in Karachi, it is an attractive picnic spot for all. Although people find it easy to go to Clifton, Hawke’s Bay offers a cleaner atmosphere as the clear waters of the Arabian Sea majestically flow. Most families prefer to go to Hawke’s Bay Beach because of the great accommodation facilities there. They have a wide range of accommodation from poorly built bungalows to furnished bungalows that you can easily stay in all day or night.

Near the hawke;s bay beach has many many other famous beaches and parks near. Hawe’s Bay Beach provides you with a refreshing ambiance where you can have a best time to enjoy the many beaches together.

Hawke’s Bay Beach offers you a refreshing setting where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. The French beach is also nearby so that people take advantage of the shorter distance and enjoy both beaches together. You can do many fun things in Hawke’s Bay, which include kite flying, horseback riding, camel riding, and fishing. If you have an adventurous spirit then you can try diving and water skiing as well but you need to take proper precautions before indulging in such activities with life jackets. For such mishaps, lifeguards play a respectable role on Hawk’s Bay Beach.

There is a wide range of accommodation facilities near Hawke’s Bay Beach, such as Beach Luxury Hotel, Mövenpick Hotel Karachi and Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi which is known for its services and quality of food. The Beach Luxury Hotel costs $54 and the Pearl Continental Hotel costs $83. If you are a beach lover, you will definitely love this place, so putting it on your travel bucket list will not be in vain.

This beach is popular as a nesting ground for green sea turtles and ridley sea turtles during the winter months. As a result, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) organized a wetland center on the beach to obtain information on turtles.

This is a home for several endangered species, Safari Park is spread all over 148 acres of land. The vast green land holds numerous wild animals which are kept in in their enclosures spaces. So that visitors can visit and view them in their natural habitat. This wildlife Park is not situated in outskirts of teh city as normally it is the case. The wildlife Safari Park is located in the neighbourhood of Gulshan-e-Iqbal and is in close proximity to Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Residents of these usually prefer spending their weekends in the time with wild habitats in Safari Park.

It is the perfect spot for travellers, and for those who wants to travel in new places and needs thrill in their life. Safari Park offers a fun-filled recreational activities that can make your family trip a memorable one. The vast green lands make the serene very much interesting.

It is a rare experience to view wildlife in their natural setting. For children and students this is a great learning opportunity.There are about 600 species of animals and birds kept in the Park. Visitors can take a bus ride to view the whole Park according to your wants.

Nothing can beat the pleasure of viewing white swans wading their way through the lake water at Safari Park in Karachi. Children and adults gather around Swan Lake and feed the white birds with some popcorn and bread. Watching the mother duck leading the pack of ducklings and the swans calmy paddling their way across the lake to catch a few, pieces of bread is a relaxing experience. The sounds of nature and greenery add to the serenity. There was a chair lift at the chair lift at Safari Park starts operating. Make sure to bookmark this page.

To thoroughly enjoy the Safari experience and to make it easy for the visitors to spot animals in the natural setting. Bus and Train rides are available. Book a seat in the bus at PKR 30 and it will take you through Gate number 1 and 2. If you want to experience viewing the beautiful valleys of Kashmir in Karachi, then you must visit Karachi.

Karachi Safari Park is a home for 470 animals and serves as a main attraction for al those people who visit Karachi from around the country. Shehri-CBE has been working to save this beautiful expanse from the encrauchers who wish to use the land for building and selling purposes. Residents of Karachi are fortunate enough to enjoy such a large green area in a city which has a dearth of such ecofriendly locations.

Shamispir Island
Hill Park
Shamispir Island
Hill Park

Shams Pir Island is an Island village close to Sandspit Beach and Mauripur. Located near the Kemari Town, it is an ancient village established before the establishments of Karachi as we can know it. Shams Pir Island is named after Hazrat Shams Pir, whose shrine is located on the island in september 2008. Shams Pir Island provides you a perfect opportunity to closely study village life, but the fact that it is an island village differentiates it from other town also.

The mesmerzing view of the Arabian Sea Island is the ideal place for a family outing and picnic. You can enjoy some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the company of Nature and simple villagers.

We are all aware of the fact that the northern areas are becoming synonymous with tourism in Pakistan, yet only a few of us have ever considered exploring other parts of the country. It might sound hard for you believe,but we say so because among the less and unexplored sites is the coastline in Karachi. So, if you have ever been curious to discover the islands near Karachi, you have stopped at the right place.


As the name suggests, Hillel Park, Karachi is a popular spot in the hilltop city of lights. This unique feature makes it one of the most popular family attractions in Karachi. Moreover, the place is also equipped with an amusement park, man-made lake, and many restaurants serving snacks and fast food. So if you are planning to take a trip to Hill Park, Karachi anytime soon, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide about this megapolis family attraction. We will detail its location, timing, and noteworthy features in this post.

Hill Park is among the best parks in Karachi for family picnics, and is among the oldest sites in the city. It was built in 1947. The park spans 62 acres of land, which also makes it one of the largest in Karachi. It is one of the famous places to visit in Karachi which is taken care and maintained by Karachi Metropolitan Company. Hill Park is located in the state of Jamshed Town, Karachi. So, before we learn more about the location of this family park which is worth a visit in Karachi. Let’s have a look at some of its notable features.

Hill Park is also home to one of the most meticulously planned amusement parks in Karachi. From roller coasters and arcade games to kiosks serving French fries and snack items.

Karachi Massage center
Day Night Club in Karachi
Karachi Massage center
Day Night Club in Karachi

The best aromatherapy back rub can ease your physical and mental health, and its amazing effect will be really pleasing. The best solution to stretching your muscles is a good back rub and all your aggravation will go away without a doubt. Best accessible help with competent staff, lively, scented and reasonable spaces for solace, all things considered. You should check the place and it will be exceptionally helpful to maintain your inner sense of harmony.

It includes a center Karachi Massage Fantastic, friendly, polite and dedicated staff. These expert masseuses offer the best support around to make their clients find the calm they are looking for. The best aromatherapy back rub can ease your physical and mental health, and its amazing effect will be totally pleasurable. The best solution to stretching your muscles is a good back rub and all your aggravation will go away without a doubt. Best accessible assistance with competent staff, luxurious, luxurious, scented and sensible spaces for solace, all equal. You should check the place and it will be very helpful to keep your psychological mind stable.

By the time someone is visiting Karachi, they may have been looking for places to live. Since Karachi is famous for its glowing evenings, the best chance to roam around the city is in the evening time on the grounds that the cool places look amazing in the evening time. Some wild weeds are looking for the perfect party settings and foodies are looking for the most delicious food. Karachi can give you both without too much stretch. The Day Night Club in Karachi is one of the decent clubs that consistently offer management.

This spot is the best blend of dance, music, lights, food and joy. Located in the downtown area And simple access. Offered by the best conditions. That this spot allows you to drink, delinquent and alcohol, it is not difficult to reach. It can make it in good condition. Constantly managing this place is popular and helpful. The staff are really helpful and deal with all customers. The management is great and handles all of this with care. He drinks outside to the club to mess with their families and buddies on the grounds that help is perfect. The club is famous for its rich gatherings on regular occasions like New Year or some other festivals. Hence, this spot turns into a focal point of infatuation for everyone and its spread is constantly expanding.

Hotel crown in Karachi
Guest House in Karachi
Hotel crown in Karachi
Guest House in Karachi

Karachi is a city of vacationers and individuals visit Karachi with extraordinary assumptions. Ocean Side Luxury 3 Star Hotel is the premier oceanside inn in Karachi amidst lush green gardens and palm trees with a splendid view of spring. This one-of-a-kind inn has 82 luxurious and luxurious rooms and suites with the best 24-hour room management. Three cafés offer the most delicious cuisine, and the kasbah is the most famous because it serves first-class food and commendable fish. Ocean Side Luxury Hotel is a must-visit place with your loved ones. The Junior Welcome Desk contacts the children and forms a bond. Residences are fully cooled and have TV, direct dial telephone and Wi-Fi.

Vehicle rentals allow you to roam unreservedly around the city. With each one of the perfect offices,This luxurious ocean view inn in Karachi is the most visited place by people coming from abroad. The considerate staff works productively to work on site and their exemplary treatment keeps people coming back again and again. When you visit Karachi, staying in a luxury oceanside inn should be at the highest point on your visit list.

In addition, the medical aid personnel are here for your well-being. The entire stopping area is acquired by competent doormen. For your health, a fitness center and heated outdoor swimming pools have been created along with cardio equipment. Meeting rooms are the best for any of your traditional partners. In addition, there is an unfamiliar trading office here.

There is so much variety in the Guest House in Karachi today that you will undoubtedly track down something to suit your trip. That could mean a very loyal suite in an old building, or a Swiss sign 4 in a classy shop where specially formulated hand creams and cleaners close to the bathroom make an impact. This could mean something less complex, that could lead to more suburban harmony and tranquility, or a milder settlement. The upshot is that staying in a guesthouse with two partners can mean a great deal of personality and attraction. without

It’s not uncommon to find an establishment that doesn’t have suicides and goals of its own and doesn’t really produce extra miles and offers an exceptional and different space. Along these lines, for individuals who are looking for individuals who need to taste the epidemics nearby and really fall for the target, Karachi visitor houses can be the most ideal decision.


DHA Golf Club in Karachi
Excelsior Hotel in Karachi
DHA Golf Club in Karachi
Excelsior Hotel in Karachi

The DHA Club is a place of relaxation, recreation and great sports offices in an elegantly pleasing atmosphere. The eight exclusive hangouts organized by DHA are known for their classrooms, which give solace and entertainment to their relatives. These clubs represent the most active, energizing and exotic areas that make individuals a haven for relaxation, recovery and recovery. DHA Clubs are not only a center of first class entertainment and catering.

The perfect blend of casual style with today’s lifestyle, lavish backups and elevated expectations are exceptionally tasty and modern which makes them highly sought after. We plan plausibly young pupils and friends who will amaze customers with their intellect and mystery. They are equipped with the latest inclinations ensuring that your young ladies call are great allies for business expeditions. They plan and finish your trips so well that you don’t need to worry about the courses of action. Constant neglect of the sense of abnormality.

Excelsior Inn Karachi is located in the Sadar district of Karachi. The premises at this property include a café that guests can use. Guests of the house can enjoy breakfast from the central area or breakfast. The nearest air terminal is Jinnah Global, 17 km from Excelsior Inn Karachi. The rich climate of such accommodation honors the style of the guest there. Front workspace and executives room with free wi-fi.

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel
Avari tower Karachi
Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel
Avari tower Karachi

The best Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Karachi Airport is located in Karachi, offering an outdoor pool and a spa and wellness centre. Wi-Fi is free. It is only 2 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport. It offers the best free wireless internet in public areas, a 24-hour front desk and massages. Ramada plaza by Wyndham Karachi Airport offers a relaxing garden, as well as free private parking on site. The hotel boasts a convenient dining option, including Chinese food at Yu-Shi and local food at La Terrasse.

Excelsior Inn Karachi is located in the Sadar district of Karachi. The premises at this property include a café that guests can use. Guests of the house can enjoy breakfast from the central area or breakfast. The nearest air terminal is Jinnah Global, 17 km from Excelsior Inn Karachi. The rich climate of such accommodation honors the style of the guest there. Front workspace and executives room with free wi-fi.

Cotie Rotie Restaurant Karachi
Cafe Flo Restaurant in Karachi
Cotie Rotie Restaurant Karachi
Cafe Flo Restaurant in Karachi

Cotie Rotie is the famous restaurant in Karachi and the food is also best and very tasty, Basically it is the French Restaurant, and the dishes are also french and italian. Families and couples love to visit the restaurant and also to dinner. The Cotie Rotie restaurant was started by an IT Engineer who was in the filed of IT. The IT Engineer who opened this restaurant Cotie Rotie in Karachi name is Fahim Jaffar. He loves to spend time in kitchen even he is the Headchef and Owner of the Cotie Rotie. Firstly he spent 2 years in Okra working as a Headchef in the kitchen. Fahim Jaffar is the successful IT Enginner and Businessmen.

Cafe Flo Restaurant contains very much history. Cafe Flo Restaurant is mostly like by couples because there is a best outsitting area where there is no sounds of disturbance only Love and the shining stars in the sky. Couples love to visit here in night and have dinner while siiting alone doing chit-chat among themselves. Cafe Flo is famous for its lovely environment and the tasty dishes. Cafe Flo is own by an actress which name is Soniya jehan, She was born in 24 April 1980 in Karachi. She loves to make films and movies. She completed her studies from Saint Martin the college of Art. She has judged many cooking shows in her life and now she is the owner of Cafe Flo Restaurant in Karachi.

Boxing Clubs in Karachi
Aman Tech Insititute Karachi
Boxing Clubs in Karachi
Aman Tech Insititute Karachi

There are many boxing clubs in Karachi, Boxig Club is the institute of Martial Arts and Wrestling arenas. Boxing Club is legal in Pakistan because it teaches to self defence and to attack the competitors in a way or manner so that there should be no violence. In Karachi many people loved to do boxing and want to play in internationally with different countries.Boxing is a most famous sports in the world which is loved by many people who wants to show there atheltes and energy. Boxing match is held every year after selection of some boxers who have ability to defend themselves in International matches.

Aman Tech is a biggest institute of learning mechanical engineering and training of soft skills. This institue was launched by Ali Faraz Siddique the CEO of Aman Tech. Aman Tech was developed by Sector 42 with the help of many Engineers and Directors. There is no doubt that Aman Tech is doing great job for poor people who can’t afford much higher education because of financial problems. But now a days Aman Tech has made easy for the students who wants to learn skills in their life. They teach best engineering skills and very less prices.

Paradise Point Karachi
Pompei Italian Restaurant in Karachi
Paradise Point Karachi
Pompei Italian Restaurant in Karachi

Paradise point is a famous beach in Karachi, peoples like to travel Paradise point for enjoyment and fun. Most of the families visit Paradise point to have fresh air, because it is located near the Arabian Sea. Now a days Paradise Point has become the most famous and most visited location in Karachi. The air and water are so beautiful and fresh that many couples visit here to enjoy some moments in their life. The open environment and green trees all over the side makes the moment memorable.

There are many other restaurants in Karachi but Pompei Restaurant is the best restaurant in Karachi because there is no restaurant like Pompei. Pompei Restaurant is a famous dining restaurant and its famous for its tasty Italian dishes and the shapes and decoration of this restaurant is too much good. Pompei Italian Restaurants served the top Italian dishes in very reasonable prices. There is much a romantic environment in Pompei Restaurant, thats why most of the couples love to visit and have lunch and dinner in Pompei Restaurant.

The Galaxy Mall
Nisaar Shaheed Park

The galaxy mall is one of the most popular go to places in Karachi that you can try with your
loved ones. This mall is located in Phase II Ext. Road Commercial Area Karachi.
It is open for 24 hours everyday including Weekends too. This mall provides everything one
needs in a mall. Good shops, shopping outlets and much more. It has a vast collection of
clothing brands and food brands where you can go to with your family or friends for shopping
and eating or a day out. Whether its bonanza satrangi or stylo you'll find every brand there to
shop from plus the environment there is quite pleasant. The mall itself is not that big yet it has
everything one would want in a mall. Its location also is good as it is located in a, commercial
It is a safe and secure place for people to shop in a good environment and pleasant atmosphere
plus has many different choices of shops to buy clothes and fabrics from. It is best for families
as the area is safe and secure so it assures you a good shopping experience as well as nice staff
too. Karachi is known for its Malls and shopping centers and the Galaxy Mall is one of the
famous ones so we recommend you visit this amazing place with your friends or family.

Nisaar Shaheed Park is a park located in Phase 4 Karachi. It is famous for having the longest
jogging track in Karachi which is about 1 km long. The park is surrounded by a posh
neighborhood with good surroundings and greenery. It is a well, decorated park with good
security and jogging tracks. The entry fee is Rs10 for children and Rs20 for elders.
Parking is also charged and has different charged for motorcycles and cars. The park opens and
4:00 pm and closes around 11:00 or 11:30 at night.
There are Walking paths / jogging tracks, Play areas and swings for children, shops around the
park, food stalls too. So, it’s pretty much suitable for all age groups and every one can enjoy
themselves easily.
The green grass and trees provide a pleasant surrounding to go for a walk or working-out for
people living around. It’s a very nice place for children to enjoy their weekends but it also is
kind of overcrowded on weekends too. So do not think more just plan a nice outing with your
family to nisaar Shaheed park and enjoy your day out.

Hilal Park
Zamzama Park
Hilal Park
Zamzama Park

Hilal park is located in DHA phase 6 in Karachi. This is a small neighborhood park where people
often come for morning or evening walks. There are many plants and flowers there, which give
a pretty look to the park along with beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. There is a jogging track
where people come for jogging/running/walks and swings for children too. So that you can
bring your kids with you and let them have a day out.
Its said, to be one of the, finest parks in town and ideal for families to come and enjoy their
evenings. It opens from 5:30 am to 8:00 onwards and has a play area for kids as well as its well-
developed jogging/running track. The park itself is, beautiful and is quite big and is an
amusement for both kids and elders too. Providing more and more reasons for people of all
enjoy this exquisite place and have sweet cool breath of air and have fill their lives with some

Zamzama park is located in khayabaan e shujaat in phase 5 in the defense housing authority. It
is known to be one of the famous tourist attractions of all times. This park is 26 acres big with a
lot of greenery and plants which add to its beauty. Many people come here for morning or
evening walks or just enjoyment with their families. There are running/walking/jogging tracks,
Refreshment stands, playground for kids plus a wide area for kids to play and families to enjoy.
They charge parking starting from Rs 10 to Rs 30 for motorbikes and vans respectively. The
greenery and plants give a pleasant atmosphere. It is located near the zamzama Market in
Karachi. As said in the reviews this park has good atmosphere plus good security and is safe for
children to play and for families too. A lot of people of DHA visit the park at evening or morning
time for workouts and walks too. Hence, in our opinion this park is well suited for the needs of

Bukhari Park
Bukhari Park

Bukhari Park is located in DHA Phase 7. It is also one of the very maintained and well-developed
parks of Karachi with good surroundings and greenery specially the flowers there are quite
exquisite. They have a jogging track too for evening or morning walks as many residential
people come there for walks or jogging. It’s a very neat and clean and huge park with a 450-
meter-long round path for walking. Its is located at a nice place with good parking area and also
has a prayer area for those who want to pray Salah. Its an amazing place for kids to play and for
elders to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the surroundings. The park is full with lush green grass
and many kinds of different and, colorful flowers which add to the natural beauty of the park.
One who visits this park will truly admire the natural beauty it holds

If you visit this park, you’ll see people of all ages enjoying there with their friends and family
and entertaining themselves with the gorgeous exterior of the park and giving their eyes a
sweet lush green garden to look at. So they can let go of all their stresses and have a moment of
relaxation for the betterment of not only their physical but also mental health as it is really
soothing for the people who came to visit the park.

Casa villa is known well for the healthiest cuisine serving in town, it has made its coins by treating its
customers with exotic flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine
One of the most important figures what adds to customers attention for a restaurant is it’s location, Better the
location, better the dining area and best would it attract the crowd for food.
The best place personally we have found for food is Clifton and if we speak about Clifton, One place comes
above all to our minds which is Casa Villa.
Casa Villa offers the most delicious food, starting from appetizers to soup , salads , Pakistani food , steaks,
seafood, pasta , fast food, deserts and a lot of newly introduced beverages. Collectively we can call it a new
trendsetter of Karachi.
If we speak about it’s coffee on a cold rainy day it will just make you feel you are near to your close ones.
Deserts have its own warmth and about drinks you will get a lot of variety and different fresh fruit
Taking a look at environment which matters the most. It is cozy and giving privacy to each and every single
customer means the most to this beautiful and well-managed villa.
Let’s not forget speaking the staff who are very cooperative and they present the best they can do, I have
found it one of the most reasonable restaurants of Karachi and I recommend the readers to must give it a


Let’s speak about one of the most recommended open air restaurants of Clifton area known as café
Arrangements of this perfect terrace restaurant in Karachi has the best cuisines of the city, cooperative staff
and well-presented food adds up more attraction to it. The authorities keep this café well-managed and well
organized. Speaking about its indoor or outdoor sitting you will get the desired temperature and comfortable
It has fresh and vibrant food and it allows you to have experience of different new added ingredients with a
cultural mix.
Café Aylanto offers the best soups of the town.
The appetizer which comes on the top is crab au Gratin which is served in dine in only with melted cheese
and herbs.
The farmhouse summer salads make you feel as you are sitting in an organic cranberries, apples and seasonal
green fields enjoying the fresh food from it.
It has delicious pasta, seafood, beef ,lamb and poultry as well. Sandwiches made with love and burgers give
you a full tummy feels.
Closing your meal with deserts specially the traditional cream blare giving you a hazelnut drizzle is a
Cherry topping. I must appreciate its coffee and tea which has a special essence, I would always recommend it’s area,
environment, privacy and cooperative staff to be top ranked and will surely ask everyone to give this cafe a

A beautiful Seaside restaurant in Karachi named as Kolachi is a magnificent spot for breakfast, dinner supper
and taking your families to. Ambience of Kolachi is very good and it’s highly recommended for visitors
around the country and foreigners who come and dine here. It provides a vast experience of breakfast, brunch
,lunch and dining not only this but you can also arrange events, anniversaries and a lot more here. You can
build some beautiful life memories on this modern and cultural built seashore restaurant. it’s always so
crowded that you have to wait for your seating. It’s advised that you make a reservation before coming.
The flying Seagulls at night gives a look of stars coming down and twinkling on the sea bed.
Speaking about its food it has a great diversity of traditional food, Chinese, seafood and a lot more. The
specialty it’s known for is its best karahi and soups. It also gives a service in Ramadan and you can enjoy
sunsets and iftars near the sea level.
The staff is very cooperative and I would always recommend you all that it’s a must visit and one of the top
ranked restaurants of Karachi.


BBQ tonight is a well-known food brand in Pakistan it has so many Franchises specifically if we speak of
Karachi they are Boat basin Clifton Branch, dolmen mall Clifton Branch, Lucky one mall branch and
growing. If we speak about its food standard, we all know from its name it is very well known for it’s
barbecue. Every single branch of BBQ tonight has its standard food which is well maintained. It has desi
tarkas and great afghan and middle eastern specialties. They serve amazing buffets, and spicy cuisines.
BBQ tonight has set its environment up to the level of competition and has made its word in the authentic
Pakistani cuisine restaurants. They receive huge support and love from customers.
The sitting areas at all the Branches are always neat and clean, food served by the waiters are well decorated
and well presented. BBQ tonight has overall a very good service and if one is confused about what food to
take BBQ tonight always helps you take away your confusion and serves you some really good plus
delicious food. It’s highly recommended overall and is well known and reputed in the country that’s the
reason it never disappoints.


A 120 m tall skyscraper in the Clifton Karachi, Pakistan which is built between 2009 and 2014. It contains a
lot of shopping areas, it contains offices and food courts too, but initially if you take a look at its history it
was projected to be a hotel of international standards but later on it was abundant and turned into a huge mall
which is running very successfully till this day.
The 28 floors ocean Mall is near do Talwar Karachi. You can eat, shop and have fun under one roof . it is
also said that till the date it is considered as one of the tallest buildings of Pakistan. It has the top best
multinational brands and you can get almost everything under one roof.
Locals and tourists come and visit it for food where it has open-air food street and restaurants it gives you an
opportunity for dining and takeaways. it has amusement and entertainment areas such as parks and cinemas.
If we speak about it’s timing the Retail outlets and amusement areas are closed on Sunday but food courts,
food street and restaurants are always welcoming and serving it’s customers.
Many people count it as a must visit mall.

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